What Capital City Productions Means to Me…

David Armstrong

“CCP means so much more to me than entertainment. Of course, I utterly enjoy the performances as they are TOP NOTCH theater in every aspect. But it goes beyond that for me.

CCP is a second home. It is being with family. Not friends, but theater FAMILY.

It is a place of acceptance, to be yourself; even if sometimes you doubt being yourself is “ok”. At CCP, you can truly be yourself, because you know your “family” will embrace you with open arms.

It’s a place to become confident and to accomplish things you may have never believed you could.”

Carrie Peter

“I have been involved with Capital City Productions since 2008.

I very quickly realized that this place was going to become a home to me and the people involved would be my family.

The best memories for me have been shows that I got to perform in with my daughter.

I feel that all of the youth that walk through our doors to perform have become like my own children.

CCP has provided a place for young and old alike to gather, have a creative outlet together and form friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Kristin Riny

“My family and I have only been part of the CCP family since 2019, but it already feels like home.

My son, has been doing theater for over five years with various groups, but CCP was something really special for him with their welcoming environment from day one.

There is such an overwhelming feeling of community in every aspect of the theater from the many people pitching in to create the show.

This group comes together to build sets, make costumes, working backstage, directors, performers, and the technical crew all come together to provide the caliber of performances that CCP is known for!

It has been an honor to be embraced by this theater community with the many opportunities for my son on stage, my daughter in the tech booth, and me as I get to contribute and get to watch as my children and CCP grow to the next level of our potential….excellence.”

Audie Cline

“I had the honor of appearing in the very first production of CCP at the Ramada Inn.

While much has changed over the years, the sense of family at CCP has not changed.

CCP welcomes the entire family to be a part of a production.

While I love acting, my wife Helen is more of a “behind the scenes” participant designing and making the costumes for the shows I directed at CCP — “Nunsense” and “Sister Act.”

Seven years ago while in production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” I was diagnosed with cancer.

With the support of family, Rob Crouse, and fellow cast members, I continued with the production and that kept my mind off the effects of the treatment.

I will always be CCP’s number one fan.”

Dr. Laura Vedenhaupt

“Capital City Productions produces wonderful, amazing shows thanks to the wonderful, amazing people behind the scenes.

With each new season, new actors, technicians, and their families and friends are adopted into the CCP extended family.

This is a family by choice, and everyone should feel welcome.

I also love the energy, enthusiasm, and outright delight expressed by this group as we make plans for the future.

Not only the immediate future, such as where we will be in five or ten years, but the future of the arts for our children and our community. CCP = Family.”

LuAnn V. Madsen

“CCP and I have grown together through the years. I was cast as one of the “girls” in “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” the very first production at the Ramada Inn.

I have been in many shows since then and have choreographed many more. I have made many great friends, taught many students, and have enjoyed watching the level of our productions improve over the years.

My husband, Phil Wright, and I got married during “A Chorus Line.” Many of our life events have been marked by the various shows we have been involved in.

Our son, Nathan Wright, was introduced to back stage work during “Smokey Joe’s Café” when he was seven years old.

One of the best things about CCP is seeing the involvement of entire families. It is a safe place for kids to learn about theatre, and there is always a place for everyone, because everyone has some skills to contribute.

CCP has been a great place for me to express my creativity, and is truly family. When I am at CCP I feel like I am home.”