The story of outlaws Bonnie and Clyde is a part of Americana, but this story is a sunnier version than the usual shoot-’em-up tales. When car trouble (hers) brings Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow together, they immediately fall in love. Growing up in dustbowl Texas, Bonnie is a young waitress who wants to be a movie star, and Clyde is a car-loving small-time crook who just wants to crawl out from under the crushing poverty he’s known his whole life. Clyde and his brother Buck have been in and out of jail for years, much to the disapproval of Buck’s religious wife Blanche, and as their robberies get more and more notorious, they become known as “The Barrow Gang,” which Bonnie soon joins. When their crimes escalate from robbery to murder, these lovers on the run make national headlines. 

Bonnie – Taylour Beamer

Clyde – Alex Armstrong

Buck – Baylor Webb

Blanche – Deborah Tragasz

Young Bonnie – Kayden Kummer

Young Clyde -Cole Riney

Cumei – Jennifer Azar

Emma – Cara Brokes

Gov. Ferguson – Sharon Acree -Frausto

Stella – Erin Hanson

Eleanor – Desha Murray

Trish – Isabel Asel

Ted – AJ Graves

Preacher – Kelly Tannehill

Sheriff – Tyler McCutchen

Johnson – Troy Donehue

Hamer – Andrew Armstrong

Henry – Barry Beach

Ensemble – Payton Tipton, Zachary Azar, Devin Payne, Lakin Leitnaker, Leah Drummond,  Norah Wolters, Oliver Sullivan


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Performances: April 16-18 & 23-25